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Capital and Murder Cases

  • During his thirty three years as a clinical and forensic psychologist, 
    Jose J. LaCalle, Ph.D., ABPP, has been retained or appointed 
    to evaluate over 200 defendants charged with murder.
    Approximately half of those cases involved death penalty or first
    degree murder. Most of the defendants were Hispanics of different
    nationalities. A great majority were Mexican nationals and
    Mexican-Americans, but also included were Cubans, Puerto
    Ricans, Central and South Americans. In recent years, due to his
    vast experience in death penalty, he has been retained in notorious
    murder cases involving Blacks, Asians and Whites in several States.


  • Dr. LaCalle performs comprehensive psychological and
    socio-cultural evaluations, which might include multiple clinical 
    interviews, psychological testing, personality assessment,
    collateral interviews of family members, relatives and other
    persons significant to the case. He investigates the cultural
    implications, the linguistic parameters, the religious and
    superstitious beliefs, the physical habitat, the socio-economical
    conditions and family backgrounds.

    Dr. LaCalle has traveled extensively both in the United States and
    in Latin America as part of these comprehensive socio-cultural 
    investigations.  He lived in Mexico for several years, and continues
    traveling to Mexico several times a year.  In addition he has
    visited, done research and participated in lectures and seminars
    in Colombia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Cuba, El Salvador,
    Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay,
    Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Spain.

    When needed, he travels to the state or country  of origin of the 
    defendant  and conducts psycho-social investigations relevant to
    the case, videotapes prospective witnesses,  habitats and other
    culturally significant places and events.  Although he can travel
    alone,  he prefers to go accompanied by either the attorney or the
    chief investigator of the case.  He can be of great assistance on
    these trips to select and prepare potential witnesses for the
    penalty phase. On several occasions, these trips have been the
    determining factor for discovering  the true identity of the
    defendant. In others, the findings significantly affected the
    outcome of the trial. 


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