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Expert Witness:
Bilingual and Bicultural Forensic Psychologist


Forensic Psychology has been defined as the interaction of Psychology and the Law. As a Cross-cultural Forensic Psychologist, Dr. LaCalle deals with  psychological  and
cultural issues of Hispanics involved in legal proceedings.

Dr. LaCalle is a Hispanic forensic psychologist, licensed as a psychologist with the State of California since 1973,and a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology since 1979.   In the past 33 years of Clinical and Forensic Practice, he has performed over 8000 evaluations; of those over 3500 Forensic in nature, including over 1000 Criminal Law evaluations of Hispanic defendants accused of  violent crimes and murder.  He has expertise in death penalty cases and sex crimes.  In addition, he was retained in over 1000 civil cases: personal injury, wrongful death, malpractice, discrimination, false claims for Workers Compensation benefits, and others.

Dr. LaCalle has lived all his life in a multi-cultural environment. Born in the Basque region of Spain, near the border with France, he was influenced by Basque, Spanish and French cultures. He lived
and worked in Mexico before he immigrated to the United States in 1965. He lived and worked with Cubans and Latin-Americans in Florida, Puerto Ricans in New York, Mexicans and other Latin-Americans in California. He has conducted extensive studies and research regarding criminal and violent sexual behaviors, mostly in the Hispanic communities.  Associated with highly regarded 
professional organizations, he has presented papers, workshops and seminars,  in United States, Canada, Spain and Latin America
He is knowledgeable regarding many sub-cultures in Latin America,with their local traditions and religious beliefs. He has had the opportunity to study esoteric beliefs and practices such as
Curanderismo, Santeria, Paleria , Shamanism and  Candomble. Besides living and working in Mexico for three years in the early 60s, Dr. LaCalle has traveled extensively throughout the Mexican Republic,
not only vacationing in Mexico, which he and his wife do frequently, but also in connection with his forensic work doing cross-cultural research in many areas of Mexico. He also has visited and worked
in most of the Latin American countries were he is frequently invited to give conferences and workshops at Professional gatherings and Universities.

His clinical experience is both extensive and diversified. Over the years, he has worked in institutional settings, such as the Psychiatry Department of the University of California in San Diego where he 
was a bilingual therapist for their Spanish-speaking patients. Later he worked for UCSD included two years in an experimental methadone program for hardcore heroin addicts. For five years he worked for 
the Mental Health Department of Orange County, California as a bilingual psychologist where, in addition to clinical work, he was involved in community programs with the Spanish-speaking 
population. In the private sector, he had the opportunity to work in several inpatient facilities, such as Canyon General Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange County.
Over the years, his clinical practice has included individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, marriage and divorce counseling, assessment of learning disability, mental retardation, assessment and treatment of psychosexual dysfunctions, child abuse and child molest,  incest, alcohol and drug abuse.  His most extensive experience is in the field of psychological evaluations, personality assessment, intelligence testing and cross-cultural assessments.

Drawing on his solid professional knowledge and  33 years of clinical practice,  Dr. LaCalle addresses psychological and socio-cultural issues of Hispanic Defendants, Plaintiffs, or Hispanics otherwise involved in legal cases. Over his long professional life, he has worked in many areas (listed below) of forensic psychology and with a variety  of clients, including Hispanics, Anglo-Saxons, Blacks, Orientals and other minorities In recent years he has concentrated his work with Hispanics accused of
death penalty crimes, murder and notorious sex crimes, and involved in civil litigation such wrongful death, malingering, medical malpractice, and personal injury, when cultural issues are of relevance.

Dr. LaCalle has worked on over 3500 forensic psychology cases in the following areas:

  • Capital (aggravated) murder
  • Federal Capital Habeas
  • Felony murder and other homicides
  • Wrongful death and injury
  • Personal Injury (both Defense and Plaintiff)
  • Malpractice Issues
  • Attempted murder and aggravated assaults
  • Torture, sadomasochistic crimes
  • Rape, kidnapping, sexual assaults
  • Child abuse and child molestation
  • Child pornography
  • Gang related crimes
  • Drug trafficking and other drug related crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Family violence, spousal abuse
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Family Law
  • Competency evaluations
  • Insanity evaluations
  • Dangerousness
  • Recidivism
  • Workers Compensation
  • Social Security Evaluations
  • Immigration Evaluations
  • Probate Evaluations
  • Violence in the work place
  • Job discrimination
  • Sexual harassment

At the present time, Dr. LaCalle concentrates his forensic practice in these areas:

Criminal:  Death penalty
                   Aggravated murders
                   Felony  murders
                   Notorious sex crimes by Hispanics

Civil: Wrongful death
           Selected Personal Injury cases

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