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Forensic Psychology: Violence and Sex Crimes

Dr. LaCalle frequently participates in National and International Conferences and Seminars dealing with capital murder, violence and sex crimes.

In regard to sex and violence cases, due to the nature of his practice since the year 2000,  Dr. LaCalle only accepts cases of a notorious nature that
involve Hispanics either as perpetrators or victims. He is frequently retained
in cases involving both murder and sex ( rape, sado-masochistic practices,
ritualistic sexual abuse, molestation).

Since the early 1970s when Dr. LaCalle was asked to evaluate mentally
disordered sex offenders (MDSO), Dr. LaCalle has had the opportunity to
evaluate several hundred cases involving sex crimes, domestic violence, 
violent sex crimes, child molestation, rape, attempted murder and other violent
crimes. Over eighty percent of these cases have been with Hispanics, either
as perpetrators or as victims. 

He has been retained by the courts to do evaluations concerning issues 
such as competency to stand trial, insanity, dangerousness, amenability to
treatment, recidivism,  etc.  Cultural issues influencing Hispanic defendants
and Hispanic victims are frequently addressed in his forensic reports 
as well as in his court  testimonies.

Sample of violent, sex crime cases:

People v Mejia, Los Angeles, California 1994

A Salvadorian male, charged charged with the crime of torture, aggravated
mayhem and corporal injuries on his spouse. He claimed the incidents were
mutually consensual, in their sado-masochistic relationship. Extensive
socio-cultural investigation, with multiple collateral interviews.

People v Boone

A 35 year old Caucasian married male was charged with forcible rape, burglary,
robbery, evading an officer etc. Appointed by the Superior Court to provide a 
pertinent report to the court ( PC 288.1). The defendant admitted entering a house, not his,
without permission and having sex with a woman, not his wife, without her consent, but
 blamed everything to his being under the influence of cocaine. 

People v DeHoyos, Orange County, California 1993

Mexican-American male charged with kidnapping, rape and murder  of a nine year old
 Hispanic girl. A notorious case that got nationwide attention. Psychological, neurological,
 socio-cultural issues. A death penalty case, with two trials and multiple court testimonies.

People v Mesa, Ventura California 1995

26 year old Mexican, DF, male charge with attempted murder in a salvage attack on another
male, his friend. He was spending the evening with his friend, drinking, using some drugs,
when  his friend allegedly made a sexual advance that enraged  Mr. Mesa and stabbed
his friend repeatedly.  The defendant has been previously in prison were he was subjected
 to several homosexual rapes.  The advances of his friend triggered humiliating memories,
lost his control and attacked him brutally. Cultural issues.

People v Chavez,  Santa Ana, California 1996

Mexican male, from Chihuahua, shot his wife and himself , but both survived. He was charged
with attempted murder . Psycho-social investigation, multiple interviews including the victim,
his wife. He testimony was very helpful in determining mental status of the defendant. 


People v Estrada. San Bernardino Co. California 1993

A teenager, Cuban " Marielito", mentally retarded, charged with kidnapping, gang raping of
three white females. The youngest female, a teenager, was also murder by one
 of the three co-defendants. Psychological evaluation, testing, socio-cultural investigation.

People v. Hernandez,  Fresno County, California  1996

Mexican male charged with murder and rape of two women and rape and attempted murder of
 a third one. Psychological evaluation, socio-cultural investigation in Oaxaca, Mexico.
 Ritualistic-satanic violent sex rituals.

People v Navarro, Ventura County, California 1990

A Mexican teenager allegedly sexually  by an adult homosexual, was charged with murder
 of the alleged assailant . Cultural issues, Hispanic attitudes toward homosexuality.
Socio-cultural investigation.

People v. Sixto, Kern County, California 1991

A mentally retarded Mexican male  spent ten years in death row in San Quentin for the
kidnapping, sexual molestation and murder of a 5 year old boy. Original sentence
 overturned on appeal, second trial. Psychological evaluation, testing. Court testimony.

**Note: Several murder and sex cases are listed in the
 Murder Case Synopsis section.


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